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Amps, Effects & Recording Techniques / Peterson stereo pan pedal?
« on: April 13, 2019, 05:53:48 PM »
Hello everyone,

What is the best Peterson stereo pan pedal on the market today?
I mean a pedal which most accurately replicates the way the peterson circuit sends the signal from left to right?

Incidentally does a Nord Piano 4 have a Peterson emulator on board, or is the stereo pan effect more of a Janus L-R splitter?


Thanks very much Sean,

Your power supply looks great.

I agree with you on the peterson sound - I have a peterson on my rhodes and I love it. I was already trying to make one when I decided to also make the janus and the mono one before the peterson. I also started making a dyno but couldn't get it working properly.

Life moved on and I shelved these projects. All I want now is a pedal which emulates the shape of the peterson. I don't know if it's a sinewave or a triangle or what, all I know is it sounds right for me. Do you know what pedal I should go for by any chance?


Amps, Effects & Recording Techniques / Janus preamp full components list?
« on: October 02, 2018, 05:01:52 PM »
Hello everyone,

There is a lot of great information out there for the Rhodes amps, and repair kits etc., but what if you want to make a Janus preamp from scratch? The schematic has some info missing and I don't have a Janus preamp here to copy or give to an electronics wizard to decipher.

On the internet I saw a Dyno my piano preamp on veroboard that someone made, with all the components annotated on the diagram and listed to the side. What a kind Gent! Looks like that might be quite easy to make now.

Does anyone have anything similar for a Janus preamp that they would be willing to share?
Next week I'll probably be asking for a Peterson parts list... with modern equivalent spec for the Orp61 photoresistor and bulb

Thanks in advance kind people,

Ooh nice! Thanks Dan. Well googled Sir!

Hello everyone,

I found this amazing effect pedal online and wondered how it compares to the original tri-chorus effect.
Has anyone tried it out on their Rhodes?

Sounds absolutely amazing to me and what a song!!

I wonder if anyone imports Robert Keeley pedals to the UK...

Hello Everyone,
I have been advised to replace the caps to reduce noise, I have made a list of the parts but there are lots of different types of capacitors, made of different materials. I have contacted Hifi Collective but they haven't got back to me. I know theirs will be expensive but probably good quality. What does good quality mean? Expensive? But what type? I have also sent the list to Farnell Electronics, they have sent me a list of their stock - just "basic" capacitors (whatever they are - probably the same as what Hohner used). I want the best sound. The Farnell option is £6. I can stretch to a bit more than that. What shall I go for?
Thanks! Justin

Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Felt Damper Arm Arrangement 88
« on: August 20, 2014, 09:18:34 AM »

I've got loads of felt damper arms from different pianos and I'm trying to work out what should go a 1975 suitcase 88.
The extra keys top and bottom mean the hammer mountings and felt arms are in different places for 88 and 73 pianos.
I've got:

Bass  011621
Middle Bottom  010805
Middle Top  010805
Top  010806

Middle bottom and middle top have the same stamped number but are different - middle bottom has a shorter thin part whereas middle top has a longer thin part and is therefore more bendy like the top ones.
Hope this makes sense!

How many of each should be on the 88?


Thanks chaps,
The new wiring will go in a cheek block so it won't damage the Rhodes.
I don't want an additional mains power supply coming to the piano so I will tap off the Power In that and add a step down circuit to provide 9V for effects.
I like to have a bit of control over the sounds I'm getting, it makes recording quicker.
Found some great circuits - if they end up too big for the cheek blocks I can always get a new front rail which I can drill and add switches, knobs and LEDs etc.
I can always put the original parts back on if I ever sell it, but I'm not planning to sell it. I want a parametric EQ & filters at my fingertips rather than on the floor / mixer.
There is a clavinet on top of it so nowhere for pedals.
Its going to be great!

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to wire up a 1975 suitcase cabinet. I have the speakers but the power amp has gone missing.
The speakers are 32 ohms, I think each side should be wired in parallel, making each side's impedance 16 ohms.
I'm new to this so please confirm if I've got this right.
So, the power amp would have been providing 16ohms per channel, right?

I need to find a suitable power amp. It can be outboard, rack mounted 19", but its very hard to find one of that ohmage.
I think lower ohmage amps will work (8 ohms per channel, or 4 ohms) but I read that this will affect the sound.

Also I am hoping to tap off +9V from the pre-amp circuit to power a treble boost circuit.
Can anyone show me how to do that? It's a Peterson preamp.

I would also like to take readings of output from the harp and preamp signals. Has anyone done this - if so could you pass on those readings please?


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