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My suitcase is having a missing channel thoses days...I figured it was the fuse of one of the power amp!
From there I just had to find a new one..I found one! I replaced it with the broken one! It worked again...but after 2 hours of playing it broked again!!! Same amp, same fuse!
Because I'm in France, I must plug my rhodes on 120V, the guy who sold it to me gave (sold) me a transformer that look like the same age as the rhodes...Do you think that the old transformer would cause the fuse being broken all the time? But why what would it be only one of the two amp? I guess the answer would be : my amp is having a short circuit somewhere... Any ideas?

nobody here can answer me? Is that a stupid question?

I just bought a wonderfull Mark I suitcase electric piano. Today I realized playing with the tremolo that one of the amp was not working...Checking the amp from the back panel, I saw there was one of the amp fuse broken. I was about to go buy one new, when I saw there was only 32Volt written on it. The guy from my next door tool shop told me that he could find a fuse of this type, and that he needed the ampere value...How the user from europe or france are proceeding to find that fuse? What are the specifications of that fuse?

Thanks in advance!


Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Re: missing channel on a suitcase
« on: February 22, 2016, 05:14:24 AM »
It worth it indeed!!
 I started doing all the checking described on the top of the thread with no success..Then I red about that Fuse...And Thank you, my tremolo was only blocking because of that fuse! :D

Buying / Lokking for Stage Mark II in France
« on: February 17, 2016, 01:24:56 AM »
I think there might be some French user here..I'm looking for a Rhodes Stage Mark II 73, an early year model.
Anyone here would be ready to sell it to me ?
I have a serious budget to buy a tuned, not missing keys..A well maintained functional piano!

Feel free to contact me!


Thank you for the answer!
Oups I see I made a mistake with the name of the company..It's not Vintage's Funky Keys!

Here is their website and facebook :

Their adress :
Rue de stalle 166
RĂ©gion de Bruxelles-Capitale
+32 495 89 31 55

Hello people,
I'm looking for a well set Fender Rhodes in France.
During my researches I found a company called Vintage Keys based in Bruxelles Belgium. They refurb et set up Rhodes keyboard on demand.
Anyone in here has already contacted this company?
If someone had the pleasure to get Rhodes from them I would appreciate his feedback.

Thanks in advance!

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