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For Sale / Re: WTB: Rhodes Stage 1 or 2 in Australia
« on: March 18, 2020, 06:28:37 PM »
Congrats Kane, well done. :) Local or did you have to get it shipped?


Buying / Re: Kustom 88
« on: December 15, 2019, 02:24:20 PM »
Hi beginnersluke,

I did see this one on reverb a few days ago. Located in France I think.

Might be worth messaging the seller to see if they will ship. Not sure where you are located.


Hi Ben,

Not sure if you're still collecting this data, but I recently got a new suitcase (and am still quite excited)

Suitcase Pianos

Basic Information

Piano Serial Number:


Gold Badge with Rhodes Logo bottom right of harp

Piano Badge “Model”:
Suitcase 73

PowerAmp Serial Number

Harp Production Start Date
( upper right hand corner of harp, and color of stamp)
Not visible

TBJ Number if visible
Upper right hand corner of harp

Harp Production End Date
Lower right hand corner of harp(upper right hand corner for most mk2s)

Found a date stamp underneath top D key - 10 Jul 1974

Do you believe the piano is all original, possibly modified, or definitely modified/switched around?

All original I think

Additional Information (No disassembly required)


Standard Gold Numbered ONLY Tonebars (low register multiple bends, with numbers ONLY)


Standard Red Pickup(There are different magnet sizes, but impossible to tell without side-by-side comparison)


Plastic Shaft with Squared Wood End


Standard Neoprene


Fender/Rhodes script (on namerail, Top of Speaker Cabinet only, and Rhodes inner gold badge)


Standard Mark I Ribbed Aluminum


MkI Fender or Rhodes Script Faceplate with Accessory Loop


3 Cylindrical Concentric Knobs with White Line Indicators on Inner and outer

Harp Cover:

Black Round Plastic

Harp Support Blocks (on the left and right side where the harp sits ontop of)

Wood Based


2 Piece White top cap (Whites-cream colored front end cap, key corners completely square, wood exposed sides.  Blacks-dull squared edges’73~’75)

Hardshell Case lid:

Straight slope at keys side, all tolex

External Side Case Latches:(make sure they’re not just missing, check screw holes)

Bending Early Latches, 2 on each side (4 total)

Rear External Case Lid Hinges:

Early 4 screw single small lip design, 2 on rear

Latches on Lid Leg Compartment:

Straps with Snaps

Suitcase Cabinet Legs:
Attached Halfway between pedal and outer edge (When pushed to the outside, fit flush with cabinet)
Attached closer to the Cabinet Ends(When pushed to the outside, do not fit flush with cabinet)

Preamp to Poweramp Connector cable:

4Pin Preamp to 4Pin Poweramp - Grey Cable Cable


Other Information (Some disassembly required, removal of namerail)

Key Pedestals:(original configuration, not if you have a bump mod added later)

Flat with Red Felt


Single Metal Arm

Front Keypin felts:

Wide Green Circles (wider than above)

Sustain Bar Mechanism:(viewable if harp is removed or swiveled forward)
End pins held in by 2 small square plates screwed by 2 flathead/hex screws

Any Speaker Code Numbers and Labels, little to no info available (pictures handy)
137 7432 - CTS i think

Hi Dr.Monster,

Reach out to Bristol Electric Piano Company - Tim H on this forum. He's the man (well one of them anyway :))) when it comes to expertise on Dyno's and pre-amps and in general.


For Sale / Re: How much does a Fender Rhodes weigh? How big is it?
« on: October 10, 2019, 12:26:16 AM »

I know this thread is way old now, but when I was going through old photos from Fender catalogues, I found they had dimensions and weights if anyone is still interested.

These ones are from the 1972 Fender catalogue:

Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano
Size: 88 note: 53.5" L, 23" W, 9.5" D
        73 note: 45" L, 23" W, 9.5" D
Shipping Weight: 88 Note: 160lbs
                          73 Note: 140lbs

Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano
Keyboard Section (Suitcase Top)
Size: 88 note: 53.5" L, 23" W, 9.5" D
        73 note: 45" L, 23" W, 9.5" D
Shipping Weight: 88 Note: 138lbs
                          73 Note: 130lbs
Amp/Speaker Section (88 or 73)
Size: 45" L, 25" H, 11.5" D
Shipping Weight: 115lbs

Satellite Speakers
Size (each enclosure) 29" L, 25" H, 14" D
Shipping Weight:
 With 73 Note: 297lbs
 With 88 Note: 317lbs

Piano Bass
Dimensions: 9" H, 22.75" W, 21.75" D
Shipping weight: 48lbs

Hope that helps if youve been looking for it.


For Sale / Re: Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia - SOLD
« on: September 13, 2019, 02:22:08 AM »
SOLD  :)

PRICE DROP $2250 :)

For Sale / Re: Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia
« on: September 02, 2019, 09:58:41 PM »

For Sale / Re: Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia
« on: August 26, 2019, 05:42:03 PM »

Now down to $3000

For Sale / Re: Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia
« on: August 22, 2019, 12:14:25 AM »

Now down to $AUD 3150  :)

For Sale / Re: Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia
« on: August 19, 2019, 05:10:20 PM »
Hi all,

Here's link to Rhodes listing on Reverb which has more pics:

Thanks  :)

For Sale / Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia - SOLD
« on: August 14, 2019, 09:31:00 PM »
Hi all,

Long time reader first time poster.

1980 Rhodes Mark II 54 note stage piano in excellent condition.
15th week 1980
Complete with lid, legs and pedal.

One minor blemish on right end check block, small tear in tolex on front below keys and rip in tolex on lid.

Replaced the below items from Vintage Vibe in Dec 2016

Rear Logo
Tone Bar Clips
Balance Rail Felts
Front Rail Felts
Key Shims
Fender Rhodes Full Refurb Kit
2 x VV pickups and 3 Mk I pickups

Never gigged, home studio use only

Local pickup preferred.

Dimensions (approx.) - 90cm x 58cm x 25cm (35in x 23in x 10in)

Weight - approx 45kg (99lbs)

Will ship internationally via UPS. Buyer pays all shipping, insurance and customs costs.

Asking $AUD 3500

Can add more pics if people are interested.


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