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Vintage Vibe tells me this is the Peterson preamp. They also said Rhodes was no longer using this preamp in 78 so the rail is likely not original.

I still wonder if there's a way to test before buying the power supply. Maybe I have a friend with a suitcase speaker.
Hello all. I just bought a 1978 Rhodes 73, which I believe to be a Satellite model. It has legs like a stage and a tremolo preamp like a suitcase. I don't have the power supply or cable required to use the preamp, so I don't even know if it works. I can use the 1/4 plug directly from the pickups and bypass the preamp, but what fun is that? I want to use the preamp and tremolo with my guitar and/or keyboard amps.

1) How can I identify which preamp this is?
2) Is there a way to test the preamp before spending money on an aftermarket power supply?
3) what are people's favorite aftermarket power supply/interface?

Thanks so much!
Hey folks,

I'm trying to get a '76 Piano Bass back into serviceable condition. The tone knob does nothing, so I was planning to change the capacitor. Any thoughts on what type of capacitor I should use? A schematic I found online calls for 2X100nf in parallel. I was going to look for a 200nf poly film cap, perhaps this one:

Any advice appreciated.