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OK, so here's a video of the issue as requested:

I tried to show it on a number of keys. I hit the keys at a fast pace, since it shows the frequency of muted notes. I should note in that regard, that if i let the tines ring for a time the muted notes are still as frequent. The very upper register seems OK, but the further down I play, the more noticeable the muted notes are. I tried to show it the best I could, but if you have any specific request for video or audio I will be happy to record more. I recorded the audio directly from my audio interface to get the clearest possible sound.

BTW sorry for the "Video edit redux" text on the video. Used a crappy lite video editor.

A video would be very helpful. Your harp may need shimming, but again, a video would be helpful.

All right.
Will record one as soon as I get home today!

Hm.. Yeah, I know that often, there's no way to fix this kind of issue, but since the problem was less severe before i took the piano apart, it leads me to believe that there's some way to make it less of a problem. Also it occurs on all of the keys from bottom to top

I have an issue with tines muting whenever i strike notes with the sustain down. It's always after the initial hit and occurs every 2. - 5. time I hit the key. it happens on every note. I've heard dull notes like this is relatively normal due to the swing of the tine, but the problem with mine seems to be out of the ordinary, while it does it so often. I recently installed the miracle mod, and before that, it was not an issue. Can anyone help me diagnose the issue so i can fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the replies. Ended up using contact cement for glueing on the felts. It worked like a charm and my Rhodes’ action is SO MUCH better now!!

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Question regarding glue on miracle mod
« on: December 17, 2018, 04:36:44 AM »

I'm about to install the miracle mod on my Fender Rhodes, and i'm not sure if you are supposed to use the glue that came with the miracle mod (VV) for glueing on the hammer felts, or if it's just for the bumps. the VV video on youtube mentions contact cement. is this another kind of glue more suited for glueing on the felts?

Sorry if its kind of a dump question, but can't seem to find out by searching

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / noisy tine problem
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:55:17 AM »
Hi Everybody.

Recently got my Rhodes, and its sounding wonderful, except there seem to be a problem with the tine on C (octave above middle C)
The tine makes a ringing/rattling noise when struck by the hammer. The sound is only heard acoustically, meaning when monitoring with headphones the pickup doesn't 'pick up' the noise. It's really annoying though, since i normally play the rhodes through an amp. i've checked the pickup-tine relationship, and the tine does not hit the pickup. It's also the only tine making this sort of noise. How can i remidy it?

I've linked a short video showing the issue:

Thanks in advance

It seems from his signature that the OP went with the MkI.

I did! got a super sweet deal on it. it sounds amazing!!
The action is quite sluggish though, but i guess that's what you can expect from MkI from that era.
next project is to install the miracle mod. its gonna be interesting!

thank you all for the replies

Cue comments about how cheap people bought their Rhodes  ;)

Price wise I would try and knock it down to 12400kr on account of the leg needing to be fixed, the hinges being replaced and potentially any other problems you'll encounter when having it serviced. The piano looks in good condition, nice to see it has all the leg braces, legs, original pedal and the lid looks in good shape. One item not pictured is the case lid, does it still have it? 

The height adjustment could well be that the leg coupler plates have been removed so you'll need to account for £20 towards the cost of that.

I prefer the sound of the early to mid 70's pianos and they're more difficult to source around here (at least in my experience.) At some point you may want to lighten the action with a miracle mod but apart from that you should be good.

Right. Thank you for the help!Ii think im gonna try to bargain the price a little then. In regards to the miracle mod, is it fairly easy to install if you've never refurbished anything before? I will say I am a quick learner, but really I want to know if it's a "can't make it worse" thing to du, if you get my drift

And to everyone else, thank you for the help. I really appreciate it!!

Hi Everybody

I’m considering buying either a Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 from 1973 that i’ve had my eyes on, or a Rhodes Mark II (don’t know which year) a friend of mine is selling. I’m looking to try them both ofcourse, but I want some outside opinions on which one you think would be better suited for more mellow stuff, such as R&B and Hip Hop? I’m really into artists like D’angelo, Jill Scot, Mac Ayres, J Dilla and Maxwell. I’ve read that the Mark II has a more bell’ish sound to it while the Mark I (at least the earlier ones) has more bark. Would it be easy to make a Mark I sound more smooth and buttery if that’s the case? I know there has been a lot of polls on this kinda topic of “Mark I vs Mark II” but there’s answars pulling in both directions, and it would like to make the right decision on this one!
Hope someone can point me in the right direction

By the way price on this is no issue. I’m really trying to invest in the one that would suite my purposes the best!

Thanks in advance!

Hi everybody

I'm about to pull the trigger on a Rhodes Mark 1 73 from 1973 for sale online.
I've done quite a lot of research on the things to look for when inspecting it, so i kinda know what to look for in that regard.
The buyer says its in good condition (plays well, and in tune) although one leg is a little defect and the volume pot is crackly/noisy. he sells it for about 2100 dollars (located in Denmark)

The questions I have are the following:

Is it a fair price, given the info on the condition is true? I'm aware of the difference in price between US and Europe, so if any europeans have something to say about this, i would appreciate it!

Is there any specifics about the certain year that i should be aware of? i know there's been quite a lot of changes done to the product line througout the years, but have a hard time finding info about the 1973 models.

I've read the "Rhodes buyers guide" on this forum, but if anyone has anything to ad, shoot!!

I've attached a link to the advertisement and the translation of the info is following:

"Selling my old Fender piano has hardly been touched for 20 years - now it has to go. Got it up and set up - it still sounds good and still fine. However, the volume control needs some contact-spray. One leg must be repaired, as the height adjustment does not work. Some hinges in the lid on the box are slightly defective"

Link to advertisement:

Thanks in advance


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