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Hi gentlemen!

I'm new here, so I will start introducing myself. I am Jesus, from Spain, guitar aficionado and music lover. I don't own any electric piano yet, but maybe in a near future...

Recently I've been looking for bass control wirings and ended reading this post that helped me to realize something that could be useful for you. As pnoboy said, the components used in the Fender schematic can be scaled as long as the RC product remains the same, and it seems that has been already done by G&L guitars (Leo Fender brand after leaving Fender). G&L have a circuit called PTB, and the circuit for the bass and volume section seems like the rhodes one, but with scaled components, just ignore the treble control. Lets see:

The 1 meg reverse audio pots are available through G&L. The volume pot is adio too.

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