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OK guys, I found somebody to repair it. I hope he will succeed. I'll let you know guys.

Hello everybody,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Manuel Roland, I live in Belgium, I'm a musician and a composer for the cinema. I love old instruments and I love to bring them back to life when I can.

I just bought for cheap a non working Rhodes MK3 EK10.

When I plug it, it powers up but there is only a noise coming out of the output jack.

I'm good with a soldering iron and I have some knowledge in electronics but very basic. I'm no engineer.

There's two option to bring it back to life.

A- Find the problem in the electronic card and fix it. Very difficult for me because I don't have a schematic and I never succed to find the issues on electronic devices, except when something is burned or disconnected. Plus, I don't especialy like the synth sound of the MK3 and I  already have a lot of synths

B-Convert it to a MK2. I think it is my best option but I need help from you folks.

I have two main questions for you Rhodes experts

Question 1.

      a. Right now, unlike in traditional Rhodes, each pickup output goes to the electronic card. Do you think I can rewire in a standard way. Is it correct to use the schema for the 73 keys Rhodes that I can find on vintage vibes site ?

      b.If I rewire all the pickups in the Parallel/series, can i just put a jack at the output of the pickups or do I need a preamp of some sort ?

      c. I'm good with a soldering iron but is there something i need to know when i unsolder/solder wires to the pickups ?

Question 2

In order to access the pickup, I will have to remove the big metal bars (Don't know the name) over the tines. Is there something I have to care to when unscrewing/ screwing back the metal bars ?

You can see some pictures of it here

I would really appreciate help because I'd love to have this beautiful instrument working.

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