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Buying / Re: Looking for Rhodes Bass Pre-Cbs!
« on: November 07, 2021, 04:38:55 AM »
Thanks man, but that's a late model.

Btw, I was offered two pre-cbs since I posted this (both for way less than reverb prices), just to give some perspective to people who love to mock others.

I just love the VV bass too much and eventually decided I don't need two bass pianos.
I will post a youtube demo shortly!

The way I see it, it comes down to temperature change sensitivity (even if imperceptible), because one night a specific pickup is 1/2 mm from the reed, the next morning it touches it (and vice versa).

It's really an imperceptible change, but it happens. I can hear it also in the quality of the harmonics. One note might have a fat round sound in the evening and a more buzzing sound in the morning. Nothing wrong in either of them, but sure makes it tricky to voice it evenly.

My N is in a room with controlled temperature, but close to a window.

I solved it by raising the reed slightly with a wooden pencil (pianet off), using the tool to place the pickup in a position where it would mute the reed (touching it) and from there just very very (very!!! :D ) slightly back it off. It's an imperceptible change, but it changes everything.
Now the note sounds as it should.

I notice however how the N is sensible to temperature: I have a controlled temperature room, but even so this problem happens frequently.

I start to see why many pianets are now sold without the front panel gold screws  ;D ;D ;D

Hello Folks,

So, as the subject says, I'm in the process of voicing my newly acquired Pianet N.
It's coming along pretty good in terms of evenness: I managed to restore the sticky pads (very good conditions) and to adjust the various pickups positions with the proper wooden tool that I found inside the pianet.

The result is good, but there's a low output note in the high register that's driving me nuts

-With the pianet off, by pressing the key, the reed resonates like it's neighbors.
-The sticky pad is good, but I replaced it several time to no improvement.
-The positioning of the sticky pad in the rod doesn't really improve the output.
-The sticky pad is touching the reed in the right way
-The pickup is close (1mm to the reed), but even by moving it closer, the situation doesn't improve.

I would highly appreciate any help on how to troubleshoot this further!

Buying / Re: Looking for Rhodes Bass Pre-Cbs!
« on: October 10, 2021, 06:37:07 AM »
Hey there!

I already found my bass rig thanks, It's a wonderful Vintage Vibe prototype piano, light as a feather and incredibly sounding.
I'll post a demo soon

Still on the lookout for a potential 60's bass though


Parts Found as of October the 9th '21

Buying / Re: Looking for Rhodes Bass Pre-Cbs!
« on: February 20, 2021, 04:58:50 AM »
Prepare to be disappointed.

Those pre-CBS piano basses used an integrated one piece resonator/tine assembly that had short life.  You will have a very very hard time replacing any broken ones.

And they did not sound very good.

thank you for the advice! I have a friend who has one and imo it sounds amazing.

If the right occasion comes, I'll gladly purchase it.
I've also said I'm open for other bass offers! :)

Buying / Re: Looking for Rhodes Bass Pre-Cbs!
« on: February 20, 2021, 04:57:13 AM »


you would be surprised to know that I've recently handled much rarer instruments :)
moreover, you never know. Maybe an owner sees this posts in a year and thinks about it...should I have posted this on lasagna forum? :D

No, I've not won the lottery.  :D I never said I won't say "no" to an offer  ;D

Buying / Looking for Rhodes Bass Pre-Cbs!
« on: February 18, 2021, 07:45:53 AM »
Hello :)

As the title says, I'm looking for a Pre Cbs Rhodes bass and happy to consider!
If you have other rhodes bass models potentially for sale, I'll be happy as well to take a look!

pm me!



The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: New Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos
« on: December 05, 2020, 04:01:43 AM »
Hello everybody,
I'm an owner of a wonderful 2016 Vintage Vibe Piano (classic model) and jazz musician.
I would like to take a moment to give my "review" and tell my experience, both about the product and about the Vintage Vibe Staff.

First of all, a little reference of what I like to do with the VV: a song I've recorded this summer with my electric trio.

Harlem Dawn by the great Bob James, played with the arrangement of a great influence, friend and teacher, that I suggest everybody to check out: Mr Harold Mabern Jr

Vintage Vibe Piano

To me, the most complete, versatile, responsive and manageable solution for the professional pianist, who, like me, wants to start sinking his teeth in the electric piano world. I'm the proud owner of a Vintage Vibe 2016 Classic Model and couldn't be happier: the action is pure butter, the weight is absolutely suitable, both for studio and gigs, the sound...well, it deserves a few words.
I use a Fender Deville amp and I can't describe how much the Vintage Vibe Sound can be versatile and, combined with the amp regulation, go in so many different directions. It can be velvet, it can be spicy and barking.
I'm not a guy who uses pedals or effects: by nature I seek what a "traditional" jazz musician seeks for, but I tell you that this piano can be a Pandora's box in terms of sound regulation.
Wow. I've had colleagues and owners of Nord pianos come to my house and leave with a: "F**k: frank's piano is really something else".


Fred di Leone is a phenomenal guy, always available, caring and professional. I won't go in details about how much he has done for me with this piano. Suffice to say, I bought my VV as a used instrument and he made it a mission to help me bring the best out of number 262.
Fred and Chris immediately embraced my Harlem Dawn Project and proved that they are not just shop owners and technicians, but people who genuinely care about the message their piano conveys. Personally, I love being part of a community that cares about the aftermarket and about the music, which may seem obvious but in 2020 is not something to give for granted

Thanks VV Guys!

Frank Piccinini

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