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As an update, my issue ended up being a simple ground loop that was quickly solved by plugging my amp and keyboard into the same outlet.

These are some pics of the headphone jack contacts and the high voltage section I ended up rebuilding. Solder job is not as clean as the factory, but she sounds nice now.
If you end up working on the amp, the electrolytic caps would be a good thing to replace while your in there. The amp itself most likely needs a good general cleaning off. The amp is placed exactly where all dust and debris come to a rest. Actually, might not be a bad place to start as a cat hair or something could get in there and have shorted something out. Don't forget to disconnect the power if you are in there!

Not sure about the policy on resurrecting ancient threads, but I recently came across and repaired one of these (it just had some simple wiring issues).

It would be great to hear more about your amp and headphone input rebuild. Did you just replace the capacitors part-for-part, or did you make any changes while you were in there?

I can get some nice close-mic sounds out of it, but so far I can't get a usable line-out signal because of what sounds like insane levels of 60-cycle hum and even a bit of radio coming though. Did you ever experience hum issues or was your amp relatively quiet after your recap?

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