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Thank you other Tim ;) !! That's super helpful. I've been told that the headphone jack is not an original and is not even the right part (it makes  a lot of hiss) but the tech who worked on my suitcase didn't have a replacement jack so he left it as is. So it's high on the list of suspects, I'm going to start the investigation with this!
Thanks for the suggestion Tim. As it happened with two different right channel modules (one of them new) I guess that's a low probability but I'll have a look.
Thanks for your help Sean! The reason I'm asking is because I bought a mark II Janus suitcase whose headphone jack is not an original and has a lot of hissing (a tech told me it was not the right kind of headphone jack). Incidentally one of the power amp module fuses blew twice in the few months I've had the Rhodes. Do you know if the wrong kind of headphone jack could potentially cause the fuses to blow?
hi there, does the Switchcraft 14B work as a replacement for the 100w Janus suitcase headphone jack as well?
Quote from: Ben Bove on March 25, 2016, 01:08:08 PM
It may be one of your amplifier boards is causing the fuse to blow.

It may require amp repair.  One way to check, would be to switch the PCB boards - unhook the 2 harnesses on each board and swap the top one for the middle one.  If the fuse blows on the other slot, then you know one of the boards needs repair.  If the same fuse blows on the same slot, then it doesn't have to do with the board components.

hey Ben, I'm having the same issue and the power amp board doesn't seem to be the culprit as I switched the board with another one and the fuse blew again. Any idea what could be the cause in that situation? As far as I understand those fuses are only linked to the power amp boards and the headphone jack?
Quote from: Benjamin on May 04, 2007, 03:38:47 PM
UPDATE: It looks like it may be tech-time for my old Rhodes. I changed the fuse and had my channel back, until this afternoon. Same channel is out again, and I'm guessing I blew another fuse. Anyone else experience a constant fuse-blowing situation with their suitcase? Also, while holding a mic cable connected to a computer interface, I got some electric shocking from touching the outside of the power amp (i.e. screws). Not sure if this is related somehow, but leaking electricity seems to bother me more than fuses. Sound common?

it's a long shot seeing that this post is over 14 years old, but Benjamin, have you ever managed to fix this and how? Experiencing the exact same issue!
Hey everybody. Bought a new suitcase Rhodes (Janus 100w) in may. After a few days the right speaker stopped working and I noticed that the fuse was blown so I replaced it. From the day I received the Rhodes there was a quite loud hum in the right speaker so I then took the amp to a tech. He couldn't find the issue so he swapped the power amp module with a newer one he had and that fixed the hum. But a couple months later and today the same fuse has just blown again.  :'( so it blew with two different power amp modules connected to it.

Any idea what could cause this ?
simple q-tips ended up doing the trick ;) ;D
Hello everybody,
I've been lurking for a while but finally ended up creating my own account.  Very thankful for the amount of great info I read on here.  However I have a question my searches did not provide a reply to.

I recently bought a new suitcase Rhodes Mark II that has a bit of rust on some of the pickups magnets.

I'd like to get rid of it but don't want to do anything stupid. Should I just sand it off with fine sandpaper? Leave it that way? Use some kind of product maybe?

Help would be much appreciated!