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The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Post your Rhodes pics and its story
« on: November 19, 2021, 04:36:20 PM »
Interesting. I've read that the bump mods are good for pianos built in this year, but with that being said, the action feels pretty good. It's hard to know if its at it's sweet spot when you don't have anything around to compare to. I was in a band for many years where a later 70's Rhodes owned by another member was used on a ton of songs. I even played it on a song. I lived with them and it was in my house, so I get that it's not going to feel like a synth. I don't mind it having the action that softer action, but it does sometimes take a little heavier touch to hammer the keys than what I'm used to. Maybe thinking of the more bouncy keys on the Rhodes that my friends own.  Like I said, it is in remarkable cosmetic shape. I wouldn't doubt if it was never used. Hardly a scratch on the lid, not a single bit of rust or even dust on the bars (no humidity in Tucson might help). The keys are level, and there are only a few keys that are minutely out of tune, but hardly noticeable when just practicing. I would bet that the preamp is in good working order, knock on wood. Maybe some people have suggestions about what monitors the Rhodes sound good through. For now I use a fender bass amp, but I also have a Fender Deluxe tube amp. I was once told that Rhodes sound better out of solid state than tubes. I never really understood why not. Too hot?
Great link to that restoration info. I will bookmark that immediately.
John- Thanks,  I will look in to those Leslies.
Oh side note, I search for Rhodes on craigslist as it is an addiction I'm sure everyone here relates to whether they have Rhodes or not. A Rhodes M1 student went up last week (only other one I've seen on CL in last yr) that actually had one Rhodes Satellite speaker that came with it. Rhodes and speaker for $1000. But the piano looked like it was really beat up. I emailed to see if I could buy just the speaker and never got a reply. Oh well. Which one of you got it??!!

(I edited later this to make more sense)

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Post your Rhodes pics and its story
« on: November 19, 2021, 12:43:59 PM »
Thanks for your reply, Sean. I should have known that VV had a solution for this. The legs and other parts I knew they made, but I wasn't aware of the PS. With a little luck, a can do all of this (as well as maybe a miracle mod) and have the piano on legs with sustain pedal and dual channel trem and vibrato for its 50th birthday. I have a couple years  ;D

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Post your Rhodes pics and its story
« on: November 18, 2021, 09:34:17 PM »
Thanks so much. I ran back to my post after finally running in to the FAQ page, and you verified what I meant to correct myself. Great info about the keys too. You are correct. I think I prefer flat keys to rounded so that's great. So great to have the date cleared up. I was a little jazzed about it a '73 seventy three, but hey '74 is a great year for songs with Fender Rhodes.

The only question I have left unanswered then would be if there are any speakers out there in the world besides the original satellites that could work with this piano to get that left/right stereo effect? Or, who wants to sell me some Fender Satellites?  ::)

Here are some photos.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Story and Questions
« on: November 18, 2021, 07:33:28 PM »
Hi all,
I suppose this is my Rhodes Story post. I found mine on craigslist, first one there, and the same old story goes...the gentleman with the grateful dead skull taped to his front door answers and shows me his Rhodes. Says he never once played it since he bought it in the 90's. His house is carpeted and covered in dust, so I believe him when I open it to find not a single speck or dust. Anyway, I brought a little bass amp and didn't bring a cable because there was one pictured. I plug in- no sound. I took a chance and used it as an excuse to bargain the price down to $800. I could sort of tell without amplification that the piano was going to be in at least decent working order, and cosmetically it was beautiful. The hard top has almost no scratches which leads me to believe it really hasn't been used much. Nothing is jarringly out of tune, but I haven't yet made any adjustments to tines and bars. Eventually I might bring it to a place here in Tucson.

From my research, I believe the piano is a 1973 Fender Rhodes from the Satellite Speaker package.
It seems from what I've read that you can date the pianos by reading the four-digit numbers on the harp rack (is that the right term?). My four-digit number is 3443, which doesn't seem to follow that, unless for some reason they substituted '7' for '4'. I know that the story goes Fender dropped it's name so it could sell in more stores. That was reported to be around the end of 1973. Which would make sense, because my gold sticker on the inside just says Rhodes, but the name plates say Fender Rhodes. Before anyone says it's a frankenstein, or that someone replaced the plates-I don't think anyone replaced the plates on this piano. Not that kind of guy. My theory is that it was made in 1973, after they had decided to drop Fender, so manufacturing put the Rhodes sticker on it. However, if this particular piano headed to a Fender dealer before that, or same time, they used the fender nameplates simply because they could.  And what about these other stamps?
The hammers have rubber tips, and are half wood, half plastic. Coils have clear tape wrapped around them.
So a few questions I'd loe to have answered:
-Any knowledge or advice about year it was made would be super appreciated!
-It seems like this was made for the Super Satellite system, because of the amp, and that the bottom has places for legs to screw in to (going to have to buy replacements as there are no legs unfortunately). I haven't seen any photos of that integrated amp on the seventy three's. Only the stage eighty eights. thoughts?
- Since the satellite speakers are expensive and hard to come by, are there any other ways I can get that Left right effect with different speakers? I can play in to my fender amp with the accessory output but really hoping to get that satellite effect one day.
- Why no date stamp? And whats up with the other stamps?

I'm really happy with the Rhodes and hope to have it for years to come. Been enjoying the forums for a few months now, and just finally decided to get around to making this post.  ;D

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