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Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Dead Channel: Fuses?
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:42:30 PM »
Hi guys,

    Wonderful forum! I have a general tech question about an 88-key suitcase Rhodes with what seems to be a dead channel. The model number is FR7710 on the suitcase (and the top has the horizontal sliders for treble/bass, knobs for vibrato control, etc.).
    First, initial problem was a strange sounding vibrato. Investigated and found my right speaker not working (whether vibrato is on or not); right front speaker, facing my knees. Strange sound was apparently just "on-off" instead of left-right. Haven't checked speakers on other side of cabinet.

     Second, tried to narrow down the problem area (I'm not a tech, I should say at this point). 1.) Stereo headphone jack on suitcase works, but only left channel. 2.) Preamp output on suitcase, both channels, work fine. Further, vibrato works fine when recording direct from both preamp channels (i.e. swings from left to right as expected). 3.) Tried out the "power amp inputs" by plugging in a separate sound source via 1/4inch...Channel A, nothing...Channel B, works fine. CONCLUSION; dead channel in the power amp?

    I've read some horror stories about people touching capacitors in these forums and though I can solder fairly well, I'm a little skittish about opening it up.
    Any thoughts would be helpful, r.e. is my conclusion correct? Could it be something else?
    Does this sound like an expensive repair job, or an especially tech-heavy one?

Most importantly, thanks for a wonderful forum. I've owned Rhodes pianos twice in my life and would have killed to have access to such great info and community back then.


EDIT: Finally found this
-sounds identical, only other channel. So, obviously, I'd love to just change a fuse and be back in business. And I'll change my question: Any danger in unscrewing the power amp, looking for a fuse, changing it (if needed), and not touching anything menacing-looking in the process?

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