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There are a couple keys stamped '41120619'. The left side area of where the keys sit (balance rail?) is marked 40915, and the right is marked 41007. Also, I still have the Wurlitzer badge from the back and I was able to clean it up just fine, the serial number is 27964.

Here's a couple of 'in progress' pics so you can get an idea of what I am working with. I should have got at least one pic with the top still black, for maximum cringe-worthy status.

Ah, and another question I remembered, does anyone make repros of the little Wurlitzer logo decal that goes on the right front of the piano? I just watched a Vintage Vibe video of a 120 they refurbished, and part of it was a new logo. But nothing for sale like that on their site.

I also need to keep an eye out for a 140 music sheet holder. Not a big deal, but would be nice to have it for the piano.

Do you have pics of the ones you refinished? I'm really interested to see how they turned out. Plus, I just like seeing pics of Wurlys in general, haha.

The Wurlitzer Electric Piano / Re: Key cap replacement
« on: April 27, 2011, 03:51:27 AM »
Glad I read this topic. I too was thinking about ordering keycaps and putting them on myself. Are there any specific materials that would work well for cleaning white keycaps of staining/scratches/paint overspray? I was thinking of using a very fine wet sandpaper. But only in small spots where needed. For spots on my keys that have paint marks, I tried using a remover that is supposed to work with plastics, but I ended up melting one of the caps a little bit. Luckily it's not too bad and noticeable only very close up, I think I can smooth it out.

I looked closer into the Stone Spray paints by American Accents, I did not realize they are actually textured. Does this look strange on the Wurlitzer? I saw a couple photos online of some random finished projects that used Sienna Stone, and it looked pretty bumpy. I was thinking of using 'Pebble', but I saw a photo of it used on a cabinet, and it made it look like real stone. Are there other paints I can look into that have a speckled/textured look, but are flat and smooth? I tried looking online but everything I found seems to be this real textured type of paint.

Awesome, thanks so much for the advice. I will just cover up the action then, while I am working on it. I'll try to tape it down nicely to hold everything in place. I checked out my local Orchard hardware store and they had the paints you talked about... I'm thinking of going with 'Mineral Brown', it's a bit darker and I think would look really nice. I will be sure to post a before and after pic when I am done.

Oh and also, the harp and individual reeds are a bit dirty, what would be appropriate for a good cleaning? Would isopropyl alcohol be too harsh? I was thinking of using rubbing alcohol to clean off a bit of paint residue on the keys as well...

As you can see, I am super cautious, haha. Have had a few DIY projects before that didn't turn out quite how I'd liked, I want to make sure I do this one right. I'm glad I bought it, the more I get into it I realize that outside of the botched paint job, it is in really nice condition. Better to be brought back to life rather than parted out...

Great, thanks! It looks like I am going to go that route, will probably try and pick up the paint today.

One other question, how would I go about removing the action completely? I've taken out the damper rail and harp, but now I'd like to remove the rest so it doesn't get in the way while sanding and painting. I see screws across the bottom, but I'm not so sure that is what I need to remove. If I could remove it all as one piece that'd be great.

Hi, I recently bought a Wurlitzer 140b and unfortunately it had been painted black. And not well. I'm guessing there wasn't any preparation done, there are spots where the paint easily chips away to reveal the original finish. I tried using a scraping tool, but it only removes so much and I'm worried I am damaging the wood.

Are there any specific solvents I should look for to remove the black paint? I have some 'Graffiti Remover' stuff, but I haven't used it since I am concerned once it liquefies the paint, the wood will absorb it and it will end up looking stained. I just want to be certain I am using the correct kind of paint remover.

If that doesn't work, I plan on sanding the case down and repainting it. Any tips on preparing the surface before painting? What kind of paint should I use? I'd like to use a color similar to the original finish. I noticed it sort of has a speckled texture to it, I don't know if there's a paint out there which would achieve a similar effect.

Outside of that, the inside is surprisingly clean and all parts in good condition. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I can't wait to get this up and running again.

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