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Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / suitcase wood thickness
« on: September 18, 2004, 02:18:53 AM »
can anyone give me any information on wether it's possible to cut into the bottum of a suitcase rhodes in order to put the sockets in for the legs??
someone has put them on inside out and it cuts the buggery out of my car boot, and i noticed that the real stage models have the leg holes going in, but the manual says the wood is thicker on the stage so will i reck the workings of my piano?
any advice?

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / pimp the rhodes
« on: September 18, 2004, 02:13:02 AM »
cherry.. i think that would look very cool. nice choice.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / cable
« on: September 14, 2004, 11:42:50 PM »
naa sorry i aint got no cable.i'm real good at getting tremelo to work without the original rhodes speaker though.
there are always cables on ebay, but i reckon if you search more you'll get something not original for cheaper. cause all you really need is a way of connecting four or five wires at once.. and rhodes is not the only thing in the world that does that.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / and the bridal straps?
« on: September 07, 2004, 12:00:30 AM »
does anyone have anything interesting to say about the bridal strap tension?
i noticed on my 1973 rhodes that the straps are loose. this means that the keys are easy to push down until a certain point where the strap becomes tight and starts to pull the damper. i was wondering if the action would be more playably if this was more even.
does anyone check this stuff?
i've looked at what the damper rail is doing.. it's not pushing down on the dampers. so it must be from the tines .. which need that pressure from the dampers.. so.. does it matter??

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / key pedestal mod
« on: September 04, 2004, 02:41:47 AM »
can anyone share some knowledge about how the later key pedestals with the little raised bit effect the action of the hammer?
i'm just interested to know what happens to the hammer when you push they key down..
and does this decrease your escapement and lesson the amount of tone variation you can get using your brilliant touch?

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / sustain
« on: September 01, 2004, 02:46:46 AM »
i built a sustain rod by pulling the top and bottum off an old music stand. dunno bout the pedal though.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / saggy keys
« on: August 28, 2004, 04:00:52 AM »
i'm also keen to know more about this modification talk.
so like, if i were to just replace the felt , then, would my action be improved a bunch? cause i figure when my MK 1 was new it MUST have had decent action..mustn't it?
i've looked at the key pedestal modification in the manual, and the key pedestal that they are modifying is different to my key pedestal.. mine looks like this    ____
                      /       |                                                                       and the one they modify looks like this  ____
                                                         |      |        so.. where does my lump go?? just before the downward slope??
and what kind of felt must be used?? can i use any felt?
and what's with walking in the olympics?? they all seem to be cheating to me. if you don't cheat, you don't win.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / yep
« on: August 10, 2004, 09:17:46 PM »
wow i did it. i made the tremelo work and didn't blow anything up!

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / stick hammer on
« on: August 03, 2004, 08:25:10 PM »
blu tack works when your desperate, and keeps working until you could be bothered glueing.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / DC
« on: July 25, 2004, 10:30:02 PM »
thanks mark II
 that's hard stuff on that web site. and i thought music was difficult.
but cause i'm so reluctant to pay someone to make my tremelo work, now i'm gonna have to learn it myself.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / electricity
« on: July 25, 2004, 10:19:07 PM »
all you guys sound electric smart. can anyone tell me exactly what kind of adaptor i'd want to run through my suitcase when it doesnt have the speaker attached? i know it's 24 or 25 volts DC, but whats with Ma and watts?

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / this is so cool....
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:02:55 AM »
would anyone be kind enough to give me advice on building an adaptor so that my four pin mk 1 suitcase can use its vibrato without the speaker?
or am i better off trying to find an original speaker?
the scematic says i need 25 volts, whereas people keep talking about 24 volts.
i know i need an adaptor and four diodes and a capacitor. that's all i know.
i promise it wont be your fault if your advice electricutes me.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / pivot pin missing Mark I
« on: July 06, 2004, 10:26:30 PM »
i think majorkey sell them. there'll be a link to them on this site somewhere.

and it's a real instrument that you can love, like a cello or horn. a musician with an instrument that is their friend is a happy musician.

you look much cooler playing a rhodes than you do playing a keyboard on a rickety stand. unless you have a keytar, they're way cool.

Amps, Effects & Recording Techniques / Amp
« on: June 29, 2004, 09:08:26 PM »
they don't work! buy the amp!

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / rhodes on tv
« on: June 05, 2004, 10:32:40 PM »
hey thanks jas,
i already have an 88 mk1 suitcase with legs and no original speaker. i'm a bit sad about that.
theres a rhodes on the "video killed the radio star" film clip too. cant hear it though.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / rhodes on tv
« on: June 05, 2004, 03:39:41 AM »
hey does anyone know of film clips or movies or tv shows with a rhodes in em? i just thought it would be fun to know when i might see one.
i know the outkast "hey ya" film clip has two silver tops in it.
and that movie about tina turner and ike has a scene with a rhodes in it.
and one time i saw a silver top in an episode of sabrina the teenage witch.
and on that mtv show cribs, someone had a real nice silver top in their bedroom. i think they thought it was made in 1973 cause it said seventy three on it. (you know 73 keys).
i just realized how lame this is.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / vibrato-4pin din
« on: June 05, 2004, 03:33:55 AM »
yeah and cae music does it by converting four pin to five pin. and i'm thinking this is great, but then i realized that this is all American gear, and i'm in Australia, so i would have problems with plugging it into my power socket.
if only i knew where my suitcase rhodes' original speaker was. i wonder if it's still alive? alone in a shed crying cause it's lost it's keys. and it has all this vibrato potential that it cannot use! man that's sad. i bet it thinks back to the good times, when they were together and hopefully appreciated by a cool musician.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / 4-pin
« on: May 29, 2004, 09:11:18 PM »
well jim it looks like yr stuffed, either you find a suitcase speaker and cables, or satellite speakers (which you cant fit in yr car anyway) or theres no vibrato (tremelo) for you.
i think cae sound makes a thingo for five pin din models, but not four pin.
have you ever tried a casio? they're very light. you could walk to the gig if you played one of those. why on earth did you get 88 keys anyway!?
you never play those notes...
Or maybe you could get one of those keytars, you know with the pitch bend in yr left hand and really fast licks in yr right hand. A red one would be real cool, but you don't know any licks do you. You should check out some jamie aebersold stuff.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / vibrato-4pin din
« on: May 27, 2004, 07:30:56 PM »
hello. i'm jim.
i just got me a Mk1 88 with legs. i'm quite certain it's a suitcase though, cuz it says suitcase under the cover. And i've been looking all over this great site for a suitcase rhodes with the same vibrato knobs as mine, but the only picture i've seen with exactly the same controls as my rhodes is that satellite thing.
and all i Really want to do is use the vibrato, and if i can't use it in the original manner, how can gain access to all it's fender rhodes beauty? does it just need power?

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