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The Wurlitzer Electric Piano / Just finished up this cool 206!
« on: January 15, 2016, 05:01:00 PM »
We just wrapped up a 206 for Glenn McClelland of Ween!
Take a listen :)

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Play Test your E.P.I.Q.!
« on: October 23, 2015, 01:22:17 PM »
Test your E.P.I.Q. - This weeks episode:   Whats wrong with this note?
Watch the video here>>>
Vote here>>

answer here>>

Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Moog Modular Restoration
« on: September 08, 2014, 06:16:15 PM »
We've recently completed restoring a Moog Modular Analog Synth (a modified system 55).
Just as a teaser we've uploaded a short clip for everyone's enjoyment, we have some additional footage to compile and upload, Tim runs through patching, modules etc and how to dial them in from a general perspective!

video here:
some after shots here in our gallery (bottom of page)  >>

Much more to come!


The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / A Trio of Steely Dan Rhodes 88's
« on: August 05, 2013, 01:32:40 PM »
All three of Donald Fagen's Rhodes pianos were sent into Retrolinear for preparation of the upcoming Steely Dan tour.
We wanted to share how they came out  :) Each piano has differences in feel and tonality (Personally I'm partial to Lucy but all three certainly sound amazing)

Lucy underwent a full restoration, there was a litany of issues with the piano itself and the amplifier required a total overhaul.
We have some of the nitty gritty details on our site and a before video!!!.aspx
Grace and Wilma were also restored by us here, but at an earlier date so they only required some minor adjustments.

It took sometime to sort footage and edit, but without any further delay, Grace,Wilma & Lucy.
BIG Thank you to Scott Coulter for coming and doing his thing for us.

We recorded with a Pair of Neumann KM184 mics on the front speakers of each Suitcase bottom. The mics ran into small Yahama mixer with the main outs patched into the audio/aux in of the Zoom Q3HD Hd video camera. Added a hint of Reverb. No compression, totally 100% flat eq- unaltered recording.




The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Grommets and screws
« on: August 07, 2012, 02:29:17 PM »
Hey folks just a quick update.  Retrolinear is now offering Grommets & Screws for Rhodes electric pianos. Dealer pricing is available and at a considerable discount for your rebuilds. And we'll do bulk pricing if you want to stock up on supplies. Our replacement grommets are produced under the most strict attention to detail!  The dimensions and profile are 100% matched to the originals for exact fitment. Most important our grommets density/hardness is spot on to the original grommets insuring the same voicing, sustain & durability. Retrolinear grommets will not split,crack, dryout or pancake during installation and you can be rest assured they're the best replacement grommets & screws on the market. Our screws are the correct length, taper & shoulder profile which makes installation a headache free operation. 

For more details please contact
or visit

We would like to thank the EP forum for allowing to promote our products here!   Updated 7/11/2018

Our latest Wurlitzer part!  "WEP-OB1" (Wurlitzer electric piano Outlet board 1) $25.00 standalone, or available with our amplifier bundles.
Replaces those old and corroded output jacks!  Quick and easy solder-less terminal block installation. High quality Amphenol® 1/4" isolating jacks eliminate ground loops and maintain signal integrity.  Direct drop-in installation for all 200 and 200A Series Wurlitzer electric pianos.   These can also be used for converting Student and Console 203, 206 pianos.

CTS Replacement swithced volume pots for 200 and 200A pianos equipped with RetroLinear / Warneck Research amplifiers.

Currently wurli product line consists of
· Knobs, Faceplates, Jewels
· Amplifier Boards (200 / 200A series)
· VariVib Variable vibrato modules (200 / 200A series)

New production 200 series  knobs- Painstakingly recreated down to every last detail!
Features: Tight fitting internal spring, rigid abs knob with durable chrome coating & aluminum insert/scrim.

Warneck Research EP200 Amplifier Kit:
Each replacement amplifier board is designed to reproduce the sound and characteristics of the original Model 200 amplifier - only without all the noise.
The new amp employs low noise circuit and layout techniques. When installed with the included reed bar shields to minimize 60Hz hum, the performance is unmatched. It even outperforms fully restored 200A amplifiers! Terminal blocks allow easy installation without the need to solder. Features include exact reproduction of the EQ curve and sound shaping characteristics of a properly restored original 200 series amplifier; authentic vibrato; very low noise; an improved power amplifier; user-selectable variable or fixed line-out configuration; drop-in replacement and solder-free installation.

Our demo vid:
more info here:

Also available is the 200A Amplifier kit:
Includes: Amp, Pickup cable, grounding cable, hole plug , zip ties, detailed instructions

Warneck Research VariVib variable vibrato:
Variable Speed Vibrato Upgrade for your Wurlitzer Model 200, 200A, or 140B Piano. Designed to work with the Warneck Research EP200 & 200a amplifier board as well as with the stock Wurlitzer 200A or 140B amplifiers, the Warneck Research VariVib variable speed vibrato upgrade features exact reproduction of the original style vibrato waveform, linear variable speed control (approximately 1Hz to 15Hz), and simple 3-wire installation! Included with the VariVib are a mounting bracket, new mirror-finish faceplate, and knob. The VariVib extends the expressive range of your Wurlitzer piano with variable speed vibrato, easily adjusted with knob control.

Mirror finish aluminum 3 hole faceplate for the Varivib.
Demo of the Warneck Research Varivib-

We offer all of our products at a discount to dealers as well!
Take your restorations & projects to the next level.

Mike Norton
RetroLinear, inc.

Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Hello from Retrolinear
« on: June 01, 2012, 03:33:15 PM »
Greetings EP forum members. Wasn't sure where to post the  "Hello I am the new guy" thread- figured this would be a good spot :)
Anyways. I'm working with Tim and the crew at retrolinear. Primarily I do the website and make vids and some other general whatnot.
We are in a growing state and have lots of cool products in the works! (stay tuned) its an exciting time! We recently released our new website and were trying to make some cool videos for everyones enjoyment featuring our work and products. 

check us out at>>>
our youtube channel is located here>>>

Mike Norton

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