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The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: How good is the Bump Mod?
« Last post by Cookymonster on Yesterday at 02:10:36 PM »
I have to add.
There is definitely a lighter action.
But after two years, I am still not sure whether too keep the mod or to remove it.
Like some other forum members, for some reason, I just can't reach the same dynamics and bark... whatever I try with escapement or hammer throw.

I also have a Wurlitzer 200A.  The action is different.
It has a totaly different concept. It has a simplified real piano mechanism.
The Rhodes has a different concept. I guess it's just impossible to obtain the same action with it.
I think that's just the essence. It's a different instrument.  You need to work it harder. But it rewards by more pronounced dynamics and versatility in sound.
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: How good is the Bump Mod?
« Last post by Cookymonster on Yesterday at 02:03:06 PM »
Hi Dr Pepper.
Really interesting research.
I have an early 1975 Rhodes with hybrid hammers and flat pedestals. 
The seller-technician installed the pedestal mod.  the bump was at the edge of the pedestal.
Although it might be an improvement to earlier action, I still wasn't happy with the action.
So I started experimenting. I came up extending the pedestal and adding extra bump.
Somehow it looks a bit to what you designed... but mine being much more basics.
I just glued a piece of wood on the extension of the pedestal and added some pedestal felt.
Hope you can see the picture.
I experimented in heights and lengths.
Some of the almost reaching the measures of your design.
The one on the photo was my lowest. These are still in the midrange of my Rhodes.

Wow.  That's awesome.  The whole row of rewound pickups looks so pretty!

Was the turn counting device something as simple as the $15 counters from Amazon?

Like ??

I never noticed them before, now I wanna buy one!  I wonder if I saved all my dead pickups downstairs.  Hmmm... anyway -

Congrats.  Piano looks great.


Late getting back to the party, but me and this Rhodes went there and back again.  Broke it down most of the way and deep cleaned.  Rewound all of the pickups on a little jig I made.  Reassembled, and have been tweaking and tuning over the last few days.

I am NOT a keys player just a dabbler/synth nerd/drummer, but dang it is my favorite sounding instrument.  Only had the pickup wire break once while rewinding.  Incase anyone was wondering, 1 pound of 38AWG will get you 72 pickups at 2900 rotations (if you mess one up) haha  Had to order a 4oz to finish the last pickup....  Pickups took about 4 nights of moderate work. 

All in I think I spent about $430 including the piano.  Lots of hours though.  Sustain pedal and cross bars were a little pricy, but top notch stuff from Vintage Vibe.  My goal was to keep costs low, worked out well.
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The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Crackling Noise when I press a Key...
« Last post by WurlieNewbie on April 13, 2021, 06:08:56 PM »
I had the same issue with my Stage Mark 1 and discovered the pick-ups for those specific keys weren't screwed in tight enough.  While voicing, I loosened them and never screwed them tighter after I was done.  Hope this helps.
Hello all, just joined the forum. It seems like this is the only place on the web where the Yamaha CP70/80 are discussed, so here I am.

I just purchased a CP-70B. I've had a few classic synths and organs in the past, but I always liked the tone of these and finally found one within driving distance. Unfortunately, it wasn't complete and working like it was described to me.

First, the "power supply" included with it wasn't correct, or even compatible with a CP, so I couldn't test before purchase. I have the proper Cannon jack on order and will wire up a proper supply. 18VDC/200mah sound about right?

Next, when I rigged up a temporary power supply, I found that no current was getting to the power board. The red power LED light is shorted; does anybody know what might fit as a direct replacement?

Once I bypassed the light, I found that one of the voltages was missing. The power board has a big crack down the middle. I wired a jumper across the crack and got all three voltages working, but does anyone have a source for those boards in case this one gets worse?

Finally, after all that, there's still no output  :-[. The electronics are completely silent. Does anyone have any experience with these preamps? I haven't dove into troubleshooting, besides making sure the piezo output and main output jacks have good connections to the board.

Thankfully, the mechanical parts are pretty decent. The action seems okay, and I was able to roughly tune it. It's missing a leg brace and the sustain rod, but at least the legs and pedal are there. I didn't want another project, but these are pretty thin on the ground where I am.

Thanks, all!
Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Re: Rhodes MK I Janus preamp upgrade
« Last post by Will on April 11, 2021, 01:08:01 AM »
Hello Sean,
Well spotted. Yes I should have mentionned that the right side of the PCD has not the original layout. You got the right link that explains why.
I did basic tests of the LDRs : 0.6V at led pins and resistance at opposite side, without unsoldering them. I saw nothing wrong here. They seem to work fine however, as the vibrato is working fine now, with front panel led disconnected.
I keep in mind your OpAmp advice for the next time I will put my hands into it. But not soon ; my next task is power supply and amp upgrade.
I will update this thread if I have further advance.

Hello Frenchji,
I am not the most experienced user here but here are my tips.

Quote from: Frenchji
Only one side of the speakers works [...] What is the best way to test the speakers to make sure they are fully operational? 
I usually use a 9V battery and connect it briefly to the poles of the loudspeaker. You can also connect it the the tip and sleeve of the jack connected to the speakers. You should hear a "pop" and see the membrane moving forward (or backward if reverse connection). This is very basic testing of course.

Quote from: Frenchji
...the amps needs some work.  There is a very obvious blown resistor ...
Your amp needs some electronics diagnostics to understand why the resistor has burnt. Replacing failed components would keep the circuit close to original and shouldn't be too costly.

Quote from: Frenchji
No Tremolo!  When Tremolo is engaged...
Same here. Some diagnostics are needed to find out what the problem is.
Here are two topics to start. Be aware that my Rhodes has Janus preamp (without bulb)

Last, your amp, preamp and power supply need to be recaped indeed. Electrolytic caps do not age well. You can find rebuild kits on specialized suppliers online shops which are well documented and inspiring. Here is a topic about my preamp upgrade :

Thank you for the insight!

I went ahead and sent in the electronics for repair as I'm a little out of my comfort zone there.
Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Re: Rhodes MK I Janus preamp upgrade
« Last post by sean on April 09, 2021, 02:00:17 PM »

OH!  I just noticed

That explains the jumper.

Since you installed an IC socket for A2 (the op amp in the oscillator), why not try a new LM1458?

Also, have you been able to test the LDRs?

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