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Our registration policy requires that you additionally validate your registration by sending an email to us with answers to three questions listed below. Failure to do this will  result in your registration being rejected.
>>>>>>>>>> READ THIS <<<<<<<<<<

First and foremost please note that this forum is for owners and enthusiasts of vintage electric pianos and similar keyboards. It is not a forum for piano players, teachers or people who like modern digital pianos and want to share their experiences. If you don't own a vintage electric piano or related instrument (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Pianet, VV EP etc), then this forum is not for you. It is also recommended you familiarise yourself with the rules in relation to what kind of content is and is not allowed on this forum:

When you click the accept button below, you will be  presented with a screen where you specify your desired user id, password, email and asked to answer some 5 security questions.

But before you click on this button, please take note of the questions below. After you register your account, we need you to email the answers of these three questions to using the same email address you used in the registration.

1) Why are you joining this forum?
2) What is a Rhodes piano?
3) What is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland?

Once we receive that email from you, we will match this to your newly created account and go from there in terms of approving the registration. If you do not send that email, then we will reject the account.

So just to clarify this again.. you need to do four things now:
  • Read the rules of this form and be certain it relates to your needs:
  • Take note of the three questions above
  • Click the agreement button below and create an account (you be asked 5 separate security questions)
  • Separately send an email to with answers to the above three questions (not the security questions you were given when creating the account)

Your registration will be approved once we are convinced that you are a real person and have a legitimate and relevant reason for joining this forum. We will reject your registration if the verification email is not received within 24 hours of the registration. We may equally reject your registration if your email and/or IP address is a known originator of forum spam.

When your account is approved, you will receive another email instructing you to click on a link to activate your account. Accounts that remain inactivated will be eventually deleted. Also note that over time, we will purge accounts that have never been used to post messages and where no login has occurred for some time.  So its best advised to only create an account when you wish to post your first message.

We sincerely apologise for such draconian steps and we realise that its very very annoying to have to go through this but unfortunately this is the only way to beat the bots and keep the forum spam-free.

We often get hundreds of spam bots trying to register accounts weekly. Those clever automated bots even get past the security questions. But they usually don't read the agreement and send us the verification email. This is the only way to avoid this problem and its for everybody's benefit to keep things as secure as possible. We also have to deal with an increasing number of people that try to join this forum to sell normal pianos, piano lessons or promote their own websites that have absolutely nothing to do with vintage electric pianos.

But bear in mind that we are human and will get things wrong occasionally. So if you never receive the approval email or get rejected and feel we were in error, please contact us via and we will attend to the issue ASAP.

And if all of the above is just confusing you and you're not sure what to do, just email and we will assist.

Note: It is possible that the notification emails from our servers may get flagged as spam/Junk by your email provider. If you do not receive emails from us after registering, then check your Spam/Junk folders in case the messages are there. For users of email services from Yahoo, Google, Hotmail/MSN etc,  you may need to login to your email via the web to access these Junk/Spam email folders.

Again to remind users.. after your registration is approved and activated, please read through this post. It details rules on using this forum..