Author Topic: I want to join this forum, what do I do?  (Read 2894 times)

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I want to join this forum, what do I do?
« on: March 11, 2019, 05:42:55 AM »
So you want to join this forum and contribute to the discussion. Here's what you need to do:

Register an account
First you'll need to create an account on the forum. You do that by clicking the link below to register a new account. When you click that link, there is a terms & conditions page shown to you. Do not skip over it. It lists typical T&Cs but also includes three questions that you will need to answer separately via email. When you click past that page you are then asked to select your username and enter your email address and desired password. You are also asked to answer some questions about music instruments or math, geography. These steps are used to fight off spam bots that try to auto-register accounts on web forums.

Once all that is complete, your account will be created and put into a pending state until you send us an email with answers to the three questions we listed in the registration agreement. Then once we get that email and all looks good, we'll approve the account and you're all set.

If any of this is confusing you, just email and we'll help get you going


Also as a new member of the forum, make sure you read the rules:

And finally, if you're a vendor in this space, selling instruments, parts or repair services, then please read this additional rule set for vendors:
Vendors Rules:
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