Author Topic: Wurlitzer 215v - $2500 (Nashville Pickup)  (Read 589 times)

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Wurlitzer 215v - $2500 (Nashville Pickup)
« on: April 16, 2019, 05:46:30 PM »
For sale is a Wurlitzer 215v

This model is the Mac daddy Wurli for studios.
4 speakers (2 front and 2 rear facing), its got a HUGE sound going.
Casters make it very easy to move around your space
Sick looks, its slick.
Grounded properly, pretty dang quiet amp for a vintage amp, its got a vibey sound.
This is the 200a model internally, sounds great, no overbearing ground hum, no loud hiss.

Aux out, Headphone out with speaker shutoff, tape input and output (originally for teachers/students to play along)
Keybed has been regulated, lubricated, cleaned. Plays great, and in tune.

If you're looking for a great studio piece to inspire and create on, this is it.

Its got a few scratches on the top and a bump and a scrape here and there but overall is in great shape and looks the part.

You'll notice it has some extra controls. its equipped to link to a visualizer if you can find one! I cannot speak to the operational status of the visualizer parts because I have no way to test it, but it could be cool if you find one down the line.

$2500 or best offer

DM for details! Nashville pickup