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Started by sunnhead, April 18, 2019, 05:57:21 PM

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Hello fellow wurli fans. I am new to this group and am a 200A owner. The story goes back a couple of years. I am a collector of vintage keys and amplifiers. I always look for stuff. I have been wanting a 200 for a while, but like most of us dont wanna pay the crazy money some are selling for. Well One day it happened. There was a Facebook Ad in the musicians page listing a Wurlitzer piano free.... So after contacting the guy he said well not free, but $200. He said it didn't work.  Well for $200 i was going to see it. So I did. It turns out his late brother played the hell out of it for years and when he passed his son was selling stuff. The unit had no power cord, 3 legs, and no sustain. But I bought it, replaced the cable and it worked! I have used it and love it! Recently though I have had some distortion coming from the power amp section. I have it in the shop for repair. I need to do some fine tuning of some reeds, they are a little off and are weak. I have 3 rusty legs, I am still searching for one leg in the same condition. As far as re-pop Sustain I am still unsure who sells the best ones. So that's my story if anyone has leads on 1 rusty leg hit me up!