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Buying Gibson G101!

Started by LowreyT1, January 06, 2020, 12:45:07 AM

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Looking for a working Gibson G101 that wouldn't need repairs due to having to local repair shops and not able to repair organs. I am in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area and am will to travel a few hours to pickup if needed. Would prefer to pick up over shipping because of previous experience of when I had my G201 shipped.


Alan Lenhoff

There are a couple now for sale in Florida, listed on eBay.  I know they're really far from you, but once the snow gets heavy in Pittsburgh, you might appreciate a road trip to the sun.

There aren't many G101s out there, and you really limit yourself if you will only buy an organ that's fully functional.  Maybe someone here can recommend a tech not too far away from you.  Or maybe call Retrolinear (located near Philly) and see if they know of someone near you.

(Actually, I think they periodically send out a truck through several states to pick up gear that needs repair. So that may be an option, too.)

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Understandable the one in Florida for 600 looks like it would need some repairs. I have tried finding local techs to no luck I have not found any. The closest actual tech I had found was about 7 hours away.


Also would have to think you may know the G201 I got maybe I should use it for parts or repair that.