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Help Reinstalling Transformer in 1979 Fender Rhodes Mark II

Started by nktbrown, February 03, 2020, 08:30:38 PM

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So I moved halfway across the country and my father gave me his old Fender Rhodes Mark II (think its 1979) as a parting gift. Unfortunately, when it came off the moving truck I could hear a knocking in the suitcase and after opening it up the transformer was hanging loose. I've searched everywhere trying to find out where to reconnect the wires that got disconnected so I can power this baby back up.

I tried to label the wires that need to be reconnected as best I could ( they are super dirty). There's also a white non tranformer wire I need to reconnect labeled as well. Any help appreciated!

Its a 1979 Fender Rhodes Mark II 5 pin model with the janus preamp
1st image at this link

Tim Hodges

Unfortunately we can't see the image (it appears to be set to private)
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