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Viscount Electric Piano
« on: May 17, 2020, 05:51:26 PM »
new here.
Scored a really cool electric piano off facebook market the other day - always been searching for a small, upright shaped e-piano, so I jumped on this, but know nothing about it.

Brand is "Viscount" -- cannot find ANYTHING online about it besides newer Viscount products, Italian made. I used to have a Yamaha CP-30 and it sounds a lot like that, so Im think it may have been from the same era (late 70s).

Does anyone know anything about this?! So curious to find out. I really love the thing.

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Re: Viscount Electric Piano
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2020, 06:31:54 AM »
Unfortunately, Viscount keyboards and sound modules are known for just plain "dying"  for no apparent reason. I had their B3 midi module and loved it until one day, the main board fried for no apparent reason. My sister spent a lot of money on a Viscount digital grand. They put most of their time and effort into making the outside look nice. Same thing, one day the main board fried. It powers up, and nothing works. She has tried numerous times to get it serviced and the tech doesn't even return her calls. I looked inside for anything obvious and found nothing. Viscount uses old, outdated Yamaha chips for their sounds.

The one you have is likely from the '80's or '90's but using '70's technology.

My sister saw that her CPU said Yamaha on it and assumed it was as good as a Yamaha, but they are not. Whoever designs their boards needs to go back to school.
I advise you to either unplug it every time you turn it off, or at least get a power strip with a surge protector for it. (And at least shut the strip off when done) If it works fine, that is good, but be diligent about this, especially if you are prone to power outages/surges in your area.
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