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Intermittent Suitcase noises/hums

Started by ForkintheRhodes, June 01, 2020, 02:34:31 PM

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Hello all!

My 1979 Rhodes Mark I suitcase has been strangely noisy rather suddenly over the last few weeks. I've been playing with a synth in tandem with it and I notice when they're both plugged into the same power outlet on the wall, the suitcase amp makes a really loud whining noise that almost sounds like interference. This stops when I unplug the synth. However, even without the synth plugged in, the ground hum has gotten noticeably louder when I record my Rhodes via DI at home. When playing it without headphones just for practice/leisure it's barely noticeable, and in the past when practicing with headphones I barely even detected any background hiss.

Does this indicate any issues to be addressed with the Suitcase amp? It's never given me any trouble before when plugged into the wall with other keyboards and I want to try to minimize the ground hum as well. I admit I'm not the most electrically savvy, but any pointers in the right direction would be a big help.

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stevie keyz

is your synth on top of the rhodes? maybe it is an electromagnetic interference and could be fixed with some shielding. not sure just a thought
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