Installed 206a Vibrato Kit But No Power Getting to Vibe Circuit?

Started by SmileDodger, June 20, 2020, 12:00:12 AM

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Hi All!
Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've found a great deal of help on these forums since finding a 206a on the curb this past autumn! Hoping y'all can help point me in the right direction with this one.

I bought a vibrato kit over the phone from Morelocks Organ Service (great service, by the way. Thanks, Janice!) and following instructions from Vintage Vibe. I got the circuit installed much easier than anticipated. I've taken an audio electronics class, built a few preamps, pedals, repaired a compressor, and recapped my tube amp myself, so I'm not a total stranger to a soldering iron.
I got everything back on the rail, fired up and... no vibe. Like a few have posted in years past, the vibe pot is almost "attenuating" the signal. It sounds like its lightly compressing the signal as you turn the pot. When you turn it back left the signal comes back to normal.

I went in with my meter and (after one accidental zap to my hand) found that the vibe circuit is not getting any power. Checked the vib connection on the reed bar and got some crackling through the speakers, but no readout on the voltmeter. Before I go any further, *yes* I clipped R57 and triple checked it. I wish that was the problem!

I checked the 22.5v test points on the far side of the board. They all check out. All my connections are solid. I had to solder a lot of the wiring directly to the pins cause some jerk who worked on it last cut the clips off the wires and tack soldered them direct to the pins. What a nightmare that was  :o

Tropical Fish recommended checking the transistors but I didn't find any issues there and don't think that would affect power not getting to the front of the vibe circuit (or would it?). My last idea is the cap right next to the vib pin on the reedbar "C5".

I hope I've just overlooked something insanely simple and it's an easy fix. Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for all the help so far. Glad to be here! -Ian