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Wurlitzer through Moog Grandmother Filters

Started by melveyr, July 14, 2020, 10:04:24 PM

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I recently bought a Moog Grandmother off craigslist, mostly for bass lines, but it actually has an instrument input. I have been plugging my Wurlitzer into this and then using the Moog's high pass filter to remove some of the low end, then using the main filter to add resonance and tame some of the high end of my Wurlitzer which is voiced to have a good amount of bark. I also enjoy doing really slow and subtle filter sweeps with the LFO to add some movement to the tone. The Moog also has spring reverb on it which sounds nice on the Wurlitzer. This combination makes it really easy to just plug in and record direct without warming up my tube amp and annoying people around me! I usually leave the synth in 'drone' mode so that the Wurlitzer is always flowing through, but another interesting option is to to leave it envelope mode, so that the Wurlitzer signal only comes through when you play a note on the synth. You can get really cool synthy chord stabs this way, but live!

Here are some videos to demonstrate...

Chord stabs with rhodes/moog:

Wurlitzer through moog on drone mode: