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Up-to-date schematics for current production Fender amps

Started by Major Bloodnok, August 22, 2020, 09:33:06 AM

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Major Bloodnok

Until fairly recently (earlier this year), it was possible to find downloadable service information for Fender amps on the official Fender site. This seems to have been withdrawn, ostensibly because of Fender concerns as to liability if home techs should come to grief after taking a screwdriver to their equipment.

I had already downloaded from Fender the service manual for my '65 Twin Reverb Reissue, and copies are anyway still to be found on several other sites, either of the whole manual or of its included schematic. However, the '65 TRRI is a current production model, and the innards of mine, dating from c2017, differ in several significant respects from the FMIC drawing 037627rev.E (notably the power supply wiring, and an ancillary pcb which has replaced the neon optocoupler in the tremolo (so-called 'vibrato') control circuit). Despite Revision E dating from October '96, it is the only schematic version I have so far encountered in the wild.

Continuous product development is fine - it's still an authentic Fender with the basic design essentially as per original 763 circuit - but it is frustrating to find information on the official Fender site with no update in 24 years. Presumably, this problem is not confined to the TRRI model.

It seems also to be impossible now to contact Fender direct on this matter (consistent with their withdrawal of the downloadable manuals).

Does anybody please know of any source(s) for more up-to-date schematics of current production Fender amps?

I am hoping that this amp will outlive me; and I do not imagine it will be any easier to track down a schematic for it a quarter-century hence. Better, therefore, that I should find one now and squirrel it away for posterity.
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