Rhodes Stereo Vibe Noise

Started by WurlieNewbie, August 22, 2020, 10:22:09 PM

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Hi guys.... For any of you using a Vintage Vibe Stereo Vibe preamp with their Rhodes, do you have any noise issues when boosting the treble?  I have an older unit (revision 5) that was put in about 3 years ago.  Love the tremolo and overall volume boost.  But when I boost the treble anywhere above 3 o'clock, I get noise. It can especially be heard when playing in the middle of the keyboard (not sure why. Maybe the frequencies of those notes pick up the noise more?).

I've checked for loose wiring and connections but all seems fine.  Just wondered if I'm alone with this issue.  Thanks!

Dan Belcher

I have had my Stereo Vibe since 2011. I don't have any real noise problems with mine, unless you're in dead silence with the volume cranked you won't notice any noise. You're going to get an increase in noise any time you increase the treble in general, but I don't have a significant noise bump with mine. I recorded a sample for you with the noise level at a more moderate EQ setting, then the noise level with the treble turned up all the way. In fact, this clip has more noise than I usually hear, probably because I have both my personal computer and my work laptop running in the same room as my Rhodes right now, and I don't have a power conditioner so that doesn't help either.
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Thanks Dan for the clip.  Your rhodes sounds great.  MUCH quieter than mine.  I wonder how I can self-diagnose the issue?  I know it has to be related to the treble pot because the noise only happens when boosting treble. 

Anyone have the newer version of the Stereo Vibe that was released this year?  According to their website, it has a lower noise floor which might mean their older versions were prone to more noise?