Author Topic: Philicorda GM752 - Lack of clearance and white keys catching on black, advice ne  (Read 192 times)

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Hi there
I'm currently restoring a Philips Philicorda GM752 and with the electronic repairs almost complete I'm now needing some advice regarding an issue that I'm facing regarding the physical movement of its keys. All keys and the key bed etc having been thoroughly cleaned and although none of the keys are getting stuck down I am finding that a number of the white keys are making physical contact with the end of the black keys causing them to be pulled down and for their note to also be played. I have tried reseating the troublesome keys, switching them about etc but finding that none of this helps and was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same problem with their Philicorda and what the solution is? I have also considered that there may have originally been a strip of foam or similar material running along the top of the keybed that provided clearance between the keys which may have perished over time and caused this problem to occur? Any input and advice on this would be really appreciated.