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Mute rail (buff stop) for Rhodes

Started by bourniplus, December 20, 2020, 08:55:48 AM

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(also posted on the facebook Rhodes fan page)

I'm building a buff stop (could also be called marimba stop I guess), here's what it sounds and looks like:
I first tried putting downward pressure on tonebars, and downward pressure on tines, and this version is sideways pressure on tines, so in a way, similar to a harpsichord buff stop.


Once again, you amaze us. 

That is very cool.  Do you want to actuate it with a knee lever, or a foot pedal? 



A pedal would be very cool, but I still haven't thought of way to do that without modifying the piano. For the moment, I can wedge a small piece of wood to keep the mute in the ON position. If I end up doing a permanent installation whitch I could switch manually, I think I could get away with three small screws in the harp, however I'm in no hurry!