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Hello, regarding making my own - in a way

Started by jensen, January 05, 2021, 04:05:10 AM

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I am a student at an art school in Norway, we have a course that we "almost" can do what we want – and I want to make an instrument.
I wonder: Could it be possible to take a piano, take away the strings and all the "soundmaking" parts, not the hammer and tangents, and make like a Wurlitzer or a Rhodes piano? If so, can I use the forks from Rhodes, or would it be more useful to make it in a way?
We have a lot of gear at our school, but as a student I don't have too much to spend.


pretty much anything is possible if you put the time and energy.
A simple piece of music wire, (you could recycle old piano strings) cut to the correct length, can act somewhat as a tine.