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25k rev log pot for janus preamp - replacement

Started by Little, May 28, 2021, 02:57:24 AM

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This month i was lucky to finally spotting replacing material for my 25k pots (tremolo intensity on 2 janus-preamps) that seems hard to find. One of mine was crackling and the other was broken and got replaced by a 50k & mod. But i was never really happy with the beheavior of that. Now they are fine again and i am happy so i thought to share it this with you.

As replacement i bought some StereoPot NOS made by CTS parts number: 2410011 / 1376842

It's not a perfect replacement pot as you need to reuse shaft and axe from the old/another pot. But the 25k rev log track works great with a little reshaping the legs and especially the second part from the stereo-unit is easy to use. I paid 4$ on ebay for a lot of 4 pots (4 x stereo --> 8 conductor paths...) - fair enough.

Some seem to be still availlable on ebay (seller in US):