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Mark II Plastic keys - lead weights
« on: June 19, 2021, 05:44:45 AM »
Hi everyone,

A picture on clfresearch's Instagram caught my attention, showing John McLaren working on a MKII suitcase . Don't know what "maximum mod" means, Rhodes mod or simply John's attitude !

The weights fixed on keys intrigued me, perhaps installed or at least kept in place by someone who knows what a Rhodes is.

Its look like Jiffy lead use for Wurli for example. So I decided to try with materials I have on hand, a roof lead sheet.
Each piece weights about 30g, like Jiffy leads, and is put around the key arm. For that test, tape is used to block the piece, to avoid making holes or any destructive technics. See picture above.

The effect is light on attack, but pretty cool on release, with a nice feel of something real under fingers. I haven't played for hours yet, but it seems to be a interesting solution to improve the plastic keys feeling. For information, my balance rail is in front position.

As anyone already try this or something similar ?

(As usual, sorry for my English)

CLF Research is the company Leo Fender founded in 1966, where he continued to support CBS/Fender until 1970, later developed and manufactured Music Man instruments and ultimately his G&L instruments. Dave & John McLaren seem to lead the company now
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