Author Topic: Damper felt asymmetric setup - question for Rhodes sustain pedal dual function  (Read 158 times)

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im not a piano player, this question is coming from a frend that play very well my rhodes at my home, jazz standards.
The question-idea is to bend down the damper felt on the low octave only allowing the piano pedal to work at two stages
- if pressed the sustain pedal full all the tines will be free, as in any pianos
- if pressed at half only the first octave (the bass notes) will be free.

It is good?
It is easy to do?
Have some disadvantages or risk?

This to emulate a similarity to the "sostenuto" pedal funcion of the grand piano, altaugh not the same the result woild be some roots of the chords should be sustained...

I see that this situation appear anyway but in non organized way because the pedal is not just "on-off" but has some degree of mechanical range action, if the pedal is pressed at first stage there is some note that is in contact with the felt and some not, the idea is to take advantage of this.

Disclaimer: i'm a double bass player i'm not a piano expert so please be patient with me, maybe i wrote a stupid thing or a obvious thing.

Thanks for your patience...
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