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the "must see" Wurlitzer Youtube thread ( I re-named the orig. thread ... )

Started by Filmosound 621, November 15, 2021, 01:45:11 PM

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Filmosound 621

please share your favorite Wurlitzer related videos in this thread.

stuff you think the world needs to see, listen to.


let's start off with a 2020 version of Wurlitzer's Keynote visualizer.

the perfect tool for today's distance teaching.


Filmosound 621

uploaded on Youtube just recently, I am not sure if many have seen / heard this hidden Gem of an Audio Tape.

Duke Ellington in May 1955 -  in which what must be one of the first Wurlitzer recordings ever:

great stuff.   :)

pianotuner steveo

Wow! I knew Duke endorsed Wurlitzers, but I've never heard this. Thanks for sharing. The high treble sounded almost like an acoustic piano on the early models.

Does anyone have access to (and can post) a decent quality version of the ORIGINAL Jetson theme song featuring a Wurli? In the 80's, they redid the song with a Rhodes. Just not the same...

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