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CP-70B help needed - DIY leg braces

Started by Whalerman, November 29, 2021, 01:23:31 PM

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Someone out there might be able to help.   I bought a CP-70B over the weekend (LONG STORY) - and it's all set up and sounds great.   But I was looking at the manual this morning (nothing better to do at 6:00 AM)...  and I all of a sudden realized that there weren't any leg braces (legs - yes, but braces - no).   :( UH OH.   I'm 100% sure that the guy I purchased this from never had them either (it had sat in his home studio for years, and we pulled it out together - no braces at that point).
So... Here's the question - I want to just make a set.   I can weld these up in no time.   I would just need some basic measurements.   What is the tube length (excluding the end parts).  How long is the flat part that attaches to the base of the keyboard and how far from the "bend" is the center of the hole in it?  On the bottom part, how long is that attachment to the brace, and again, how far from the pivot to the center of the hole?
If anyone wants to take some pictures with a tape measure next to one of these, it would be REALLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!
I know these braces are scarce, so I'll be cutting and bending some tubing!!!
- Paul