Complete set 60 keys Hohner Clavinet D6 + full Reed set Pianet T Duo

Started by Hththt666777, January 29, 2022, 11:58:20 AM

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Hi guys,

I have the option to offer a full 60 key set original Hohner Keys for the Clav D6.
These are out of a Hohner Electra and are build the same just longer.
The buyer decides if i should short them to clav length or not. Got professional metal work options.

For now i wont seperate for single keys but sell as full set. Price per key if available anywhere is 30,- eur everywhere with stock runing out.

I will offer the set for half the price meaning 900,- euro 60 keys.

I have 13 extra spares in case you want them and can do 1050,- for the whole lot.

I did 10 times try to upload pics but the forum wont accept my jpgs....

Also have to offer every single reed of a Hohner Pianet T / Clavinet Duo

These i plan to offer as singles for people with broken ones.

Price per reed 35,- euro

Drope me your mail for pics


Hi, do you have any other parts for sale? I'm looking for a lower pickup for my Clavinet D6. Thanks