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ELEPIAN EP-7 - Need Help

Started by Brave-1992, February 20, 2022, 01:23:01 AM

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I was lucky to find this Columbia ELEPIAN EP-7 Online.
it was in an acceptable shape, but the power transformer was missing.

I've spent weeks now trying to find any info over the internet and contacted over 20 ppl around the world with ZERO hope.

please, can anyone here check the transformer connections and specifications for me?  ::)



I got a Elepian EP-713, and made an extensive video of it, hope this could answer some of your questions:

It's in french, but it's very visual

Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 88 1977, Wurlitzer 200a, Columbia Elepian 713, Yamaha CP60M, Nord Electro 2 61, Korg MS20mini, Arturia Minibrute, Sequential Prophet 2002, Akai MPC2500, NI Maschine MKI&MK2, Ibanez UE-405