Wurlitzer 140B transistor part numbers?

Started by David68, March 26, 2022, 04:05:25 PM

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I was wondering if anyone knew the generic replacement part numbers for TR68-73 in a 140B amp.

I could order them online, but I have plenty of MPSA18, MPSA06,2N3391A,BC550B/C etc... transistors in my parts drawers. Seems unnecessary to order what I might already have.

Alan Lenhoff

Some years ago, I rebuilt my 140B amp, replacing all the original small signal transistors with lower noise MPSA18 transistors. The MPSA18s were recommended to me by a leading EP tech. They do the job perfectly.

For the record, I have the second version of the 140B amp, which started with piano serial number 29091. I don't know whether it would make any difference if you have the earlier version of the amp.

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