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Source for 140 (era 3) reeds

Started by Mat Grewe, March 07, 2022, 04:35:24 PM

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Mat Grewe

Hey all,

I have some dead and incorrect reeds to replace in my 140 (non A or B).  Unfortunately, VV and the one Ebay seller I've found don't have all the necessary reeds (mostly middle section).  Does anyone know where else I can get 140 reeds?  Per the Doc's compatibility chart, 120, 145, 700, and 720 reeds in the mid section would work as well.


p.s. I read that in 1971 reeds were $0.75 each, which after accounting for inflation is about $5.25!  If only that was the going rate of NOS reeds...

Alan Lenhoff

I'm not aware of anyone who manufactures modern replica reeds for the 140, so I believe you'd have to find NOS reeds, or reeds from a parts piano. Unless someone here has a stash, I think your best path would be to start contacting some of the better-known vintage key tech shops (Retrolinear, Chicago Electric Piano Co., Ken Rich Sounds, Tropical Fish Vintage, Electronic Edge, etc.)  They tend to have parts pianos around, and might have what you need.

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I PM'd you about this; check and reply by email if interested.
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Mat Grewe

Quote from: jam88 on March 12, 2022, 02:55:21 PMMat,
I PM'd you about this; check and reply by email if interested.

Hey JM,

I emailed and PM'ed a while back, but haven't seen a response.  I hope my messages didn't get lost in the ether (which has been my luck in the past)!  Sorry to reply back on my thread, but please do PM me if you haven't received my email and we can try again.  Thanks so much.