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NTE 121 transistors

Started by telmore1964, June 10, 2022, 05:34:03 PM

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Hello, This is Tom in Alaska and I am new to the forum. I recently picked up a Rhodes 73 piano (circa 1975) and powered speaker. The speaker has a pair of 80w Peterson amplifiers and as typical one of the amps has a blown set of finals. I have ordered the silicon replacement kit from Vintage Vibe but was wondering if anyone has experimented with using NTE121's.



Just a quick update I received and installed the silicon TO-3 style transistors from Vintage Vibe in the Peterson amplifiers and they work quite well. Does anyone know what the actual model number of these transistors are it appears their model number has been removed from VV. By the way these amplifiers only put out 40 watts each and combines they equal 80 watts I suppose.