Custom Lid for Fender Rhodes Mark I

Started by HughSullivan, June 02, 2022, 12:38:27 PM

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I wanted to be able to access the keys quickly instead of disassembling the lid every time. Plus I wanted a more sturdy surface for my second keyboard (Nord Electro 6D) to sit on top. So I built my own.

Same dimensions as the original lid, but with dual hinges to allow me to keep the top flat for the second keyboard. All locked into place with original hardware, plus a couple extra locks to hold the front hinged piece in place. No extra holes put in the actual body of the Rhodes.

I used edge glued pine, and once I was happy with the construction I torched it and stained it red. Pretty happy with the result!

Now the next step is to attach some custom legs. The original legs A) take too long to set up, and B) are too short because I prefer to play standing. I'll post photos once I complete that step.