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Trouble finding a short.

Started by Phathead, July 28, 2022, 02:29:54 PM

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So, I'm restoring a 200A foe a friend. It was super noisy and eventually stopped making sound all together. Broke through a bit if you played hard. Classic signs of a short.

It was modified in the 80's by a previous owner to reduce weight for touring.

Speakers and tranny removed. Custom board with 2 small trannies installed.Vibrato removed.

I replaced the board with the VV one and installed a brand new VV tranny. Figured I might as well because my friend wanted a cleaner sound and vibrato back.

Still no sound, but sometimes if you play hard it lets faint distorted tones through.

I've checked every reed for debris, checked every ground connection. Ran a synth through the VV board to make sure it wasn't faulty. Works great. Power is good.

I'm getting 41v of the pickups.

The RCA cable I made has continuity across both wires. Is there something special about the VV one that I missed maybe?

Anyways, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

pianotuner steveo

Your pickup voltage should be closer to 150vdc.
You may have some reeds shorted across their pickups. Or blown fuses.
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What's the voltage reading on the PCB for the pickup voltage without the RCA connected to the reed bar?
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