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Not Enough Room For Bump Mod?

Started by Richard Tee, August 12, 2022, 06:02:24 PM

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Richard Tee

With the bump resting against the hammer in stop lock position, it is right at the edge of the pedestal.
This is the case throughout the whole keyboard. 

In all the videos/photos I can find online, the bump is able to be placed further back than that.

When applying the felt, it seems like I would have to wrap it around and onto the vertical face of the pedestal in order to cover the whole bump.

There is 1/16" between between the back of the hammer and the back of the pedestal.
- Are the backs supposed to be flush together? Does that difference in pedestal/hammer relationship have an effect on responsiveness?

What are my options here?

- Just do the mod at the very edge?
- Do the major surgery of moving the action rail and harp supports back so that the back of the hammer cams are flush with the back of the pedestal, giving me an extra 1/16" to play with?
Doing so, I would then have to redrill the harp because the strike line will be off right?

Is there something else I am missing here?

Any help/input would be much appreciated!

Richard Tee

I've gone ahead and tested one of the keys with the bump at the end. While it certainly feels much better than no bump, I'm concerned that the hammer being forward + the bump mod is possibly hindering the responsiveness.

Does this point of contact look acceptable at rest?


To me it looks just right.

You always can move the action rail a bit to the back. This will move the hammers to the back as well and it gives room for adjustments.

Wrapping the felt like that it legit :-)
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