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Fender Rhodes 73 — parts dimensions for my build

Started by dhMichu, September 26, 2022, 02:10:10 AM

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Hello! My name is Michał and I'd like to try building Fender Rhodes 73 inspired piano. Unfortunately I don't know anybody with original instrument to take measurments from it. I have already studied Rhodes Service Manual which is amazing source of knowledge where I found detailed drawings of piano keys action, pickups, tone generators and even tine lenghts but it lacks some important data which of course is unnecessary to folks who have their own Fender Rhodes piano.

I know that many of you service your own pianos and that you have great knowledge of how it works so I would like to ask would you be so kind to share some parts dimensions with me?

What I'm looking for:
1. What tonebars are made of? Some look like brass but others look like galvanized steel?
2. What are dimensions of tonebars? Width and thickness of that bar?
3. How long are white and black keys? I mean as a whole, from key front to the back of the pedestal, that would help me to get some more dimensions from cross sections in the Service Manual.
4. How wide are keys inside the piano?

It doesnt matter for me if measurments are in inches or in centimeters/milimeters.


1. - tone bars are made of steel.
2. - there is a thread somewhere with thickness an how to calculate length and twist
3 & 4 - maybe better to look at the mk8 as well :)