New Ambient Track S O L A C E featuring Fender Rhodes, DSI Prophet 08, & FB-7999

Started by DynoCzarus Rex, October 09, 2022, 10:30:10 AM

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DynoCzarus Rex

Good day EP Forum,

Hope you all doing well...Just wanted to let everybody know that I put together this ambient electronic song recently...might be great to study, work, or relax to! Please feel free to check it out if you have an opportunity and maybe tap the like or subscribe to my YouTube channel for future uploads. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated and thanks for your time!

Rhodes Mark I 73 key Suitcase Model (1978)
Fender Rhodes 88 key Stage Model (1973) with 1982 Dyno-My-Piano Pro EQ
Rhodie Preamp
KMD Flanger
Boss CE-2 (1982)
Amdek CHK-100 Chorus
MXR Phase 90 1974 Script Logo Reissue
MXR Phase 100 (1978)
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08
Korg MS-20 Mini
Yamaha MG10XU