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3 wire power - wiring question

Started by citysoundman, October 09, 2022, 11:23:07 PM

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I'm replacing the 3-prong power connector (wall connector) on my 3 wire power cord. I want to be sure I'm connecting the black/hot white/neutral properly because I seem to see a discrepancy so I'm kinda confused.

Can someone confirm what the amp rail power connectors are?

On the amp rail there's a 4 pin connector with ground and 2 orange power wires (see pic). Starting from left is ground, then orange 1, then unused, then orange 2. Orange 1 goes to the fuse next to the power/volume pot - is this black/hot?. Orange 2 goes directly to the pot - is this white/neutral?

If so, then what doesn't make sense is the wiring of the connector on the short power receptacle cord that plugs into this connector (see 2nd pic). It's wired from left to right: green, white, unused, then black. Which would have the white and black wires reversed, assuming Orange 1 (the fuse wire) is black/hot. thank you!


Well I found my answer here on another thread, that the power cord has the wiring reversed.