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Wurli 200 pickup thickness

Started by e23, October 11, 2022, 08:03:16 AM

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Hi there,

this is my first post, so be gentle ;) I was wondering if you could help me with a question I have.

Among many other problems with my Wurli 200, my middle register sounds noticeably quieter than the rest.
So I was looking around inside the piano and I found that the 2 middle pickups are way thinner than the bass and treble pickups (see picture below), which would/could explain the difference.

I'm assuming this is normal and no-one actually went through the trouble of replacing pickups for a more uneven sound. But just to make sure: That's normal, right?

So if this is a Wurli 200 as intended by the manufacturer, is there any way to slightly increase levels on those pickups?

Cheers :)


I found the answer myself, here:

"the pickups in the range F-21 to D-42 were much thinner."

I'll leave this here for others, if they ever have the same question. :)

pianotuner steveo

It is normal, but you may GENTLY bend the aluminum pickup up that is hanging lower to see if that makes either of those notes louder. (unplug piano first)  If that doesn't help, I would remove the quieter reeds, one at a time, clean the Reed bar with WD40 on a Q-tip, and also clean and dry those reeds with the Q-tip.

Be SURE the piano is unplugged, and just remove and clean one Reed at a time. Be very careful not to install the Reed crooked or it will short against the pickup.

Use a nut driver to remove and reinstall reeds. Do not use pliers, or a power drill with a nut driver bit. It is easy to either chew up or snap the bolt heads off if you use the wrong tool.
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