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Rules for using this forum

Started by Cormac Long, September 24, 2010, 06:34:29 AM

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Cormac Long

These should be obvious to most.. but here we go..
  • This is a discussion forum for help on vintage electric pianos & synths (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, etc.) and their modern reproductions.
  • The forum is not a place to talk about modern digital pianos/synths and related repairs.
  • If you have something to sell, list it in the Buying and Selling section. Do not go around posting your advert onto existing threads.
  • If you do see threads that may suggest people are looking for something you have to sell, then send them a personal message.
  • Keep discussion clean, on topic and avoid religion, politics and stuff of that nature that may cause offence to others.
  • Do not cross-post the same topic in several boards.. this is not helpful and it only causes problems with fragmented discussions. We will delete duplicate topics.
  • Be nice to people.. many of those starting out on restoring old pianos will need help and not smart put downs.
  • Ensure that copyrighted content is not posted on these forums neither in the form of text material or as attachments
  • We allow the attachment of small mp3 files to posts (max 1Mb per file). Do not post commercial material that may violate music distribution laws. Use this feature only to post demo clips of your keyboard etc.
  • Vendors (those selling pianos, parts or services etc.) are required to contact the admin via PM (dresdner353) or email so we can change their forum member group to "Vendor". This helps clarify their position to other members. We also recommend that vendors use their real name in their account settings. It is also requested that they state their company name and contact details including website address in their signature. We will gladly assist any vendor in getting these settings sorted out.
  • Vendors are welcome to advertise their new products, parts and services in this forum. We will assist as best we can here with making relevant topics into stickies to help promote the vendor. For example, some vendors have requested sticky topics to allow them post about new parts and services they are launching. This is totally acceptable and vendors are encouraged to contact us in this regard if they wish to pursue such topics.
  • Be courteous to vendors that contribute to this forum. They work very hard at their job and their contributions to this forum are invaluable.
  • Vendors with pianos and equipment to sell should post these in the For Sale board

We will remove posts and if necessary accounts of anyone who abuses this forum or its users. If you are offended by a given post or PM and want to escalate an issue, contact myself either by PM or email: There is also a "Report to moderator" link on each and every post which you can use to alert to us to posts or topics which you feel are inappropriate.

All trademarks referenced in posts on this forum are the property of their respective owners.
"Rhodes" and the Rhodes logo are registered trademarks of Joseph A. Brandstetter.

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