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How to attach images to posts

Started by Cormac Long, December 18, 2022, 05:36:14 AM

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Cormac Long

    this is an example of a message that uses image attachments. When creating your topic or reply, click the "Attachments and other options" section below this text box to expand it to show the attachments section.

You can drag and drop images you wish to attach onto the area marked "Drag and drop your files here", or click the "Add Files" button to use a file selection dialog and select the desired images. You can attach gif, jpg and png images, PDF, text and MP3 files. Once the given file is selected, you then must click the upload button to complete the upload.

Attachments are individually limited to 1Mb each with a total attachment limit of 2Mb per post.

See an example here of the attachments section after uploading an image of a sunflower and having selected another image of a cat to upload....
You cannot view this attachment.
Note that the sunflower image is uploaded but the image of the cat is not yet uploaded. So you would need to click on the "Upload" button alongside the cat image to complete the upload.
One an image is uploaded, it will appear as an attachment with the message you create (see the bottom of this message). There is also an optional "Insert" button shown that will allow you insert a link to your attachment into the text. This will allow you position your image for inline display in any desired place.

Once clicked, text like this will appear in the compose area of your post..
[attach id=6411]Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 11.24.16.png[/attach].. that is BBC (Bulletin Board Code) that references the unique attachment and you can cut and paste this as required to reposition the display elsewhere in your message text.

Just PM myself if you are having any difficulty with this.


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